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Laser Treatment from Our Specialists

At LuMax Laser Tattoo Removal Ltd, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to effectively reduce and remove tattoos, unwanted scars, and semi-permanent makeup. Unwanted and unsightly tattoos can be a source of anxiety and cause depression and other psychological problems. If you have a tattoo (amateur or professional), or semi-permanent makeup that you now regret, laser treatment is able to safely remove and/or reduce permanent tattoos of most shapes, sizes, and colours. The lasers in our clinic are provided by The Lynton Clinic™ and we deal with them directly. You can pay just before you receive the treatment and iZettle™ card payments are accepted however we are not taking online payments at this time. The benefits of our company include:

Safe, Clean, and Sterile Environment - Fully Qualified Laser Technicians - Full Public Liability Insurance - LPA™ Approved Clinic - Competitive Prices - Partial Reduction for Cover-Ups- Zimmer Cryo 6™ Cooling Unit to Aid Comfort - Class IV Medically Certified - UK Manufactured Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser (Safest and Most Effective Treatment Available in the UK - Equipment and Training Provided by The Lynton Clinic™ in Stockport, Cheshire - Approved by The Lynton Clinic™ - Open Six Days a Week by Appointment Only

Mission Statement

LuMax strictly adhere to the essential standards of quality and safety as prescribed by the Care Quality Commission and our laser technicians' qualifications comply with the requirements stipulated in the Core of Knowledge certification*.

*The Core of Knowledge represents a body of knowledge that underpins the safe use of lasers in clinical practice.