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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Tattoos or Scars

Don't live with regrettable tattoos any longer with LuMax Laser Tattoo Removal Ltd in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. Our dedicated team will walk you through the whole process of laser tattoo removal and skin pigmentation reduction.

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Treating Your Skin

When you regret a particular tattoo or would like an existing one touched up, our professionals are able to assist you. Tattoos or any other pigments in the skin can be removed, partially removed, or faded as long as they are not fed by a blood supply. We can lighten the colour for you and dark blues and reds are often easier to treat than others. One of our clients had fallen off a motorbike and was left with grit and tar under her skin, and we lightened the colouring of the scar and removed the pigmentation with the laser. If you have semi-permanent make-up, our lasers can reduce or get rid of this as well.  

Essential Patch Tests

A patch test is needed to test the response that your skin has to the treatment. This consists of each colour of your tattoo being treated with one shot from our Q-Switched laser. After just one week full coverage can usually commence, provided that there has been no adverse reaction. A wide range of information leaflets are available for you to look at so you know how everything works and are fully aware of the treatments. Our patch tests are free and you are under no obligation, so make sure that you contact us today for more information.

Talk to Our Skin Specialists

All of the relevant checks will be carried out including your medical history, lifestyle, and health conditions to make sure that you don't suffer from any reactions. We also fully assess your skin type and discuss your history with burning and tanning. Once this has been done, we ask for more information about your tattoo or skin pigmentation such as where it was done and if you had any allergies and infections. After examining and cleaning your skin, you are provided with laser protection goggles and we start the process. You will then come back in a week and our professionals will carry out a full surface coverage. Our clinic has a comfortable sofa and tea and biscuits are always available so you can sit back and relax.

Complete After-Care

Full after-care is available so your skin is able to completely recover. You receive a moisturising lotion sachet to keep your skin calm and soothed and also a client information sheet so you can see how the skin should be responding. Our specialists also provide you with information on pre-treatment and post-treatment so you are looking after your skin in the right way throughout the whole process.

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